Common Settings

The common settings are set at Global level by the Jira admin and can be overridden by the user by changing it on Epic Hierarchy or TIS/TWA report pages. The following options are available in this section.

  1. Display Option : You can hide the worklog or story points columns on the screen by changing this setting. This setting will be overridden if you have changed the displayed fields on any of the Agile Tools screens.

  2. Total at Page level : If you want to view the total of all Epic Hierarchy columns at each page level, you can change the value of this drop down to “Yes”.

  3. Field Names: Agile Tools looks for Epic & Story field names. If these Issue type names have been changed in your Jira instance you need to specify them in the Agile Tool Global settings.

These field names are non editable on User settings page. They can only be set by the Jira admin on Global settings page.