Data Security and Privacy Statement


This is a data security and privacy statement for RVS Jira apps.

App Architecture

The app works on the client side only. All required raw data is fetched using Atlassian APIs on your client (browser) and then processed to be displayed. Any settings and configuration required for the app to work are saved with your Jira instance.


We do not collect any personal data from your use of our plugin. Additional information we receive is usage statistics and licensing information through Atlassian's marketplace API, except for Capacity Planner plugin where we store additional information as mentioned below.

Data collected from your use of our Server/Data Center Apps

No data is collected and/or sent to any servers. Your data does not leave your own servers under any circumstances.

Cloud Apps

Permissions Scope

Our plugin requires read permission to be able to read your issues. We also need write permission to write issue data entered through our apps.

Data Storage/Data Retention

No personally identifiable data are stored on our servers. The app runs completely client-side only.

For the Cloud version of the plug-in only below data (non-sensitive info) is securely stored in our database:

  1. Plugin related global settings (NOT user settings)

  2. Grouped Statuses

Only for Capacity Planner plug-in we are storing the following data in our database :

  1. User ID

  2. Capacity per day as entered in our app

  3. Team Holidays as entered in our app

  4. Sprint ID

  5. Team Capacity per day as entered in our app

Except for above, all the data collected and stored by the plug-ins is stored in the customer's JIRA database.


Our servers are hosted on Akamai cloud platform and are only hosted on nodes that operate within the United States.

Analytics Information

We collect analytics information when you use our Add-on to help us improve our products and services. This analytics information consists of the feature and function of the Add-on being used, and the associated domain name.