Kibana Konnector

A plugin to export your Jira data to elastic-search indexes and visualize using Kibana visualization.

App provides a web panel to configure and export Jira data as per your need.

Kibana Konnector is compatible with Jira version 8.0.0 - 8.11.0

Here are the quick steps to start using this App.

Step 1:

After installation go to System > Kibana Konnector > Settings

Configure Connection and select the fields you want to export.

The export can be done in two ways by clicking on -

  1. Save Settings - This will schedule a job which runs every midnight and exports the data as per the saved settings.

  2. Save and Export Manually - This will export the data once as per the saved settings.


Step 2:

Go to your Kibana website and your should see 2 indexes created by the Kibana Konnector app.

  • rvs-jira-issue-data

  • rvs-jira-issue-history


Step 3:

Use the above created indexes to create mind blowing visualizations of your Jira data. Some of the sample charts which can be prepared are as below